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MOT Test

The Ministry Of Transport (MOT) test is the annual assessment of the safety, roadworthiness and emission of your car. It is made compulsory by the law in the United Kingdom for any car that is three years old for ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Repairs And Servicing

Concerned about any fault in your car? Our team of experienced mechanics can perform various car repairs in order to help your car to run smoothly on roads. We diagnose and fix all your car issues instantly.


We have a wide array of tyres to offer, ranging from budget and mid-range ones to premium ones. You have to hunt no more for your tyre issues as we boast a team of specialists and the latest wheel balancing and fitting equipment in the market.


Here at the Car Check Centre, not only do we take care of the mechanical needs of your car, but we also serve top-tier fixing that the exteriors of your vehicle require.

Warning Lights

Do Not Ignore the warning lights popping in your car. Make sure to take timely action in order to avoid a hefty bill later.


With our team of experts and top-tier equipment, we can handle your vehicle at the Car Check Centre, irrespective of the size of your vehicle.

Welcome To The Car Check Center

Established in the year 1996, Car Check Center is committed to its goal of delivering a fast-fit and refreshing experience to the customers. We boast highly-skilled technicians, top-tier equipment and a loyal customer base.

For more than two decades, The Car Check Center has offered a complete range of various services, including MOT test, Repairs, Servicing, Maintenance, Tyres, Bodywork, Batteries, Exhaust, Gearboxes and Clutches.

Based in South Ruislip, we strive towards staying in the lead of this industry with the constant evolution and development of innovative services and products for meeting the constant increase in the consumer demands.

Our highly-skilled professionals can handle all your vehicle maintenance issues with their expertise and experience in this field. In our modern premises, we offer easy parking, a TV lounge for the visitors and six days a week opening. If you live locally, we can carry out basic repairs right at your place or even collect your car for extensive repairs.

For all your issues related to motor maintenance or questions regarding your vehicle, reach out to us on 02088411880.

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