Clutches & Gearboxes

The Clutch and Gearbox are one of the most crucial and complex parts of your car. There can be a lot of issues with the gearbox of your vehicle. At times it is not the gearbox but the clutch that needs to be repaired or replaced; other times, it is something else altogether. If you face issues in shifting gear, the clutch of your vehicle feels spongy, causing a burning smell, judders, slips, or you hear unusual noises that come from either clutch or gearbox, it is likely that there is an issue with the clutch or gearbox.

The repair and replacement of your clutch and gearbox is a complicated job and needs super professional technicians with modern equipment, and the Car Check Centre is the one-stop-shop for all your clutch and gear-related issues. Our team of experts ensure that you get best-in-class service and your vehicle can get back to the road as early as possible. We begin with diagnosing the issue and then work on it without immense experience and expertise in this field to avoid further damage to your vehicle and thus ensure the safety of you as well as your passengers, that too at a highly competitive price.

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