Puncture Repairs

Tyres have the most crucial responsibility of keeping your car touched to the ground.

Though in today’s time, the tyres are a lot more sturdy and robust as compared to the ones in the past, they can still get punctured from the debris on the road. If you leave a puncture unattended, chances are there can be a grave accident or a high-speed blowout. Thus, it is crucial to keep a check on the condition of your tyres in order to avoid any severe damage to your vehicle.

One of the signs that your tyres have a puncture is that the sidewalls might look squashed. You also have to end up filling air more often than usual. In such cases, technical supervision becomes mandatory. This is because the process of repairing the punctures is highly technical because of the stringent set of laws laid by the British Standards Institution. All the tyre technicians are expected to adhere to these. One such rule is the BS AU 158 that defines the way in which these repairs should be undertaken. BS AU 159, on the other hand, talks about the use of special plugs made of vulcanised rubber. Multiple repairs can be undertaken on the same tyre if they do not overlap.

If you are looking for a hassle-free tyre puncture repair, then the Car Check Center is your ultimate stop. Our experts, with their set of diagnostic tools, will check your tyre set for other damage and deterioration along with the puncture in order to ensure that the tyres are totally safe.