Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the most crucial part when it comes to tyre maintenance. This ensures that the wheels are set at the optimum position. It includes checking the angle and direction of the wheels because misalignment can lead to a rapid and uneven wear of a tyre as well as worn out suspension units. This has an ultimate impact on the safety of your vehicle. It can also lead to the poor fuel efficiency of a vehicle as it faces resistance from the surface of the road and thus makes the working of a car harder, leading to an impact on both the environment as well as the wallet. Therefore it is highly recommended to undertake regular suspension and alignment inspections.

There are various indicators that point out issues with the wheel alignment like the pulling or drag, the vibration of the steering wheel, feather or uneven wear and tear of the tyre and an audible distress when turning the corners. Your car might also oversteer or understeer, and despite the straight drive, your steering is not centred.

The process to check and then adjust the wheel alignment is a highly technical process that requires skilled technicians to carry out. We at the Car Check Center put into use super-efficient tools in order to make an accurate and instant adjustment to the wheels.

The ‘Sphere 3D’ is also approved by a number of vehicle manufacturers, including the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and is of course equipped with a database provided by industry leader in vehicle data, Autodata, and is therefore suitable for every kind of vehicle regardless of make or models.

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